Pro-voice: talking and listening beyond divisions

At the heart of Aspen Baker’s Pro-Voice book is the idea of nonjudgmental listening to people telling stories about their abortion experiences. It’s a simple concept, really, but a radical one in our society where people are polarized on the abortion issue. Pro-voice is also an idea that has can reach far beyond abortion, into…

Adding Chinese Five Elements to Pagan ritual

What are the Five Elements? In Chinese Medicine, the Five elements are as follows: Wood is in the East, Fire is in the South, Metal is in the West, Water is in the North and Earth is at center. There is also more information associated with each element (see chart: five element associations. When you talk about the Wood…

Remembering; Forgiving

by Gwendolyn Roberts All of the attendees at our first Charlottesville Spirit Babies Ceremony concurred that there is a need for this sort of gathering in our community. Too often pregnancy loss feels isolating. There are amazing resources available through institutions and online, but there is a magic possible when we share space and time […]