Allfather and Vanadis WINNERS!

The winners for the Allfather and Vanadis devotional jewelry giveaways are, (according to the names your comments give):

Allfather: Beth!

Vanadis: R Cawkwell!

Petite Brisingamen

Five large amber chunks and six amber beads are strung on knotted golden hemp.

Nine Worlds Map Necklace: Allfather

Lapis Lazuli and Labradorite – beautiful flashes of blue and golden pyrite sparks!










Winners, please email me at Ember Outreach at Gmail dot Com to let me know where I am sending your prizes!

For the rest of you, please don’t be too sad – I’ll definitely do more giveaways in the future!

In the meantime, any further money I get from selling devotional jewelry through this blog between now and Many Gods West will go to helping other folks get there too. 😀


P.S. For the curious, because there were 11 entries to Allfather and 15 to Vanadis, I printed all the requisite names for both drawings onto a sheet of paper (with duplicates for those entering both, of course), and then cut the page of names into roughly equal slips, which I folded all the same way, and put into a cup. I then had my partner and co-partner each draw a name for the two contests.