A Prayer to Cthonic Dionysos

I wrote this for a friend of mine who was working with Dionysos in the Underworld. With their permission, I’m sharing it here, in case anyone else has a need for it.


A prayer for Dionysos in the Underworld

I call to Dionysos in the Underworld
The Dancer in the Dark
Who journeys in the realm of the dead
An undying flame
Who bears a cup brimming with life

You who brought your love out of death
And made of her an immortal Goddess
You who brought your mother out of death
And made her the spirit of Bakkhic Frenzy
You who took martyred Ikarios and his family
And made them immortal among the stars

I call to Dionysos in the Underworld
Reveal yourself to me
Show me the path
Of the Child of Earth and Starry Heaven
Show me the path
That you forged for the initiate
Show me the path
Leading to your eternal feast