A Prayer in the Aftermath of a Coup

I am a polytheist, and I pray for my country.

I pray to Antinoüs the Liberator, so that my country might one day be free of the violent fascists who seek to dominate it.

I call upon WALWARWAT, the Pangender Serpent, the great Cæsar who rules over 41 legions, the mighty dæmon of protection: be ever watchful over the marginalized and oppressed. May they be held in the protection of your comforting wings.

But for the seditionists, the conservatives (fiscal and social), for the militia mobs, I will pray to the Lamb Who Is The Destroyer to rain judgment upon you. I pray that His Infernal Majesty teach you what hell on earth truly is. I pray that mine enemies are visited by that which they want to visit upon me and mine: immeasurable suffering and death eternal.

By the powers that are mine from which to seek help and the powers which are mine to command, may it be so.

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