A Chance To Sing?

So there’s this class I’d like to take. It would cost $90. It would help me improve on one of my most prominent clergy skills: Singing!

I do a lot of singing in ritual contexts. I used to be the lead singer for the American Magic Umbanda House, leading the music for their bembes each month, and leading the music for their big Pomba Gira devotional at PantheaCon. I’ve performed similar services for rituals for Hrafnar and the Fellowship of the Spiral Path. My own ritual design often involves singing, especially to invoke the gods. All three of the rituals I helped run at PantheaCon this year involved me singing and/or leading others in singing. This is why I call myself a galdrakona – my understanding of galdr is grounded in the enchantment of sound rather than the significance of language, although the two are of course entwined.

The thing is, that’s $90 I don’t have just now, and I’m not sure my next influx of cash will arrive in time to sign up for this class. 🙁

So I’m asking you all, hopefully, to consider buying the pagan jewelry I have for sale, or maybe order a Tarot ++ reading from me, or commission a bindrune, or something?

12 Nine Worlds Map Prayer Necklaces

A collection of 9 Worlds Map Prayer Necklaces, many of which are still available!

I’ll work for the cash! But I’d really like to get this $90 together quickly, so I don’t miss the opportunity!