8 November 2020: Calling All Gnostics and Heretics!

Heretic Homily #1

A purple Gnostic cross, outlined in gold, on a pink background within blue frame.

To quote Ecclesiastes chapter 3 verse 1, “There is a time for every purpose under heaven.” So now it’s time for a Heretic Homily! I’m Constance McEntee, seminary drop-out and the Idiot Before G0D.

A note for those who might be using screen readers: all links will open in a new browser tab. Or, if I coded this properly, they should all open in new browser tabs.

Before we get started, I want to take a moment to acknowledge that I am the descendant of European settlers and currently live on colonized Ohlone, specifically Chochenyo, land.

The scripture selections for Sunday, 8 November 2020, can be found at LectionaryPage.net, and there are a bunch this week. 

As mentioned above, this one is a bit different from what I’ve been posting thus far. Instead of a Layperson Lecture, this is a Heretic Homily. This might be considered adversarial theology.

The reading from JOSHUA 24:1-3a, 14-25 is an example of why I’m wary of the way Christians use the Jewish scriptures. Yes, Christianity started as a sect of Judaism, but it’s changed so much since the First Century CE. This selection seems to say, “Obey G0D or else,” especially if you read the skipped verses (3b-13). I’m a Polytheist, a Christo-Pagan. To me, the question of serving G0D or other gods isn’t an either/or. It’s a Both. But, I’m also very much a Heretic and a heterodox Christian.

PSALM 78:1-7 at first seems at odds with the reading from Joshua. In the Psalm, it says that which was revealed to the ancestors will not be hidden. But Joshua condemns the ways in which the ancestors served “foreign gods.” But starting at verse 4, it seems to steer the reader back to G0D and only G0D.

Then we get to the reading from WISDOM 6:12-16, which talks about Wisdom as an entity coming to any who seek her. To me, this supports the idea of Unverified Personal Gnosis (UPG) and, by extension, heterodoxy.

AMOS 5:18-24 seems to describe the Lord’s contempt for empty gestures of praise. It seems to back up the idea that faith without works is dead (JAMES 2:14-26).

The reading from WISDOM OF SOLOMON 6:17-20 seems much like the previous reading from WISDOM, to me, and can also lead to UPG and heterodoxy.

PSALM 70 is something I can relate to as a person who experiences transphobia, queerphobia, and homophobia on a seemingly regular basis.

1 THESSALONIANS 4:13-18 describes what many call The Rapture, if they’re the reading literally instead of as an allegory.

The Gospel according to Saint MATTHEW 25:1-13 is the parable of the Ten Bridesmaids. This is one of those times when I feel like saying, “Hey, Jesus, WTF?” Also, it seems at odds with the idea all are welcome which is something a lot of churches say. Are fools hated by G0D? If so, this is troubling.

My Heretical CONCLUSION is that we should do whatever we need to bring ourselves closer to G0D, however we choose to define “G0D,” even if this means being Gnostics and/or Heretics.

I offer this BENEDICTION to my fellow Gnostics and Heretics: seek wisdom wherever you might find it, and do so with the blessings of the Lover, the Beloved, and the Love Overflowing. 

Amen, and go with G0D.