Crow Ritual (Pantheacon 2011)

(Rap 3 times with staff)

I am Crow. I have come here to challenge you,
my fellow heathens, to walk your talk!
I am here to confront each of your assumptions
That one’s gender makes a difference
In one’s magick
I hear many of you here talk about how you love all of the Divine’s creatures,
But let us sing the truth for you, my friends:
There are liars among you!

I hold this space in order to seek the truth! (Rap with staff 3 times)

I call on all the gods, goddesses, spirits, and daemons to aid us in this seeking! (Rap with staff 3 times)

Let us bring forth the evidence! (Moves to the back while players move to the middle)

Woman: Can I join your ritual?
Man: No, I’m sorry, it’s men only.
Woman: Oh, ok.
Man: But there’s a women’s only Goddess ritual down the hall. You can go to that one!
Woman: But I worship a male deity!
Man: A male deity? But that’s not right!

(Putting staff between the players) I, Crow, banish the assumption that women should only follow female deity and that men should only follow male deity! I challenge you to move beyond our history and into the 21st century!

Cisgendered Woman: We are a women’s only group. We worship the Goddess and love all of Her Creation! We are here to empower all women!
Transgendered woman: Can I join your group?
Cisgendered Woman: No! You’re just a man trying to get into a woman’s group!
Transgendered woman: No I’m not, I’m a woman!
Cisgendered Woman: (Holds hands over ears) La la la I can’t hear you because you’re not real! (Transgendered woman waves hands in front of woman’s face for a bit while the woman continues to say “la la la”)

(Putting Staff between players) I, Crow, banish the invisibility of our transgendered, gender queer, and other-gendered fellow heathens! I challenge you to move beyond the notion that biology determines gender!

Person: We as pagans are so enlightened. We welcome all people into our ranks! We want everyone to feel safe coming to our event!
Person’s Shadow: But we won’t put it in writing.
Person: At our event we encourage all people of all races, genders, sexualities, and pantheons to come and share with us.
Person’s Shadow: But we’ll run events which exclude you because of your gender. We don’t want to turn away such notable Elders!
Person: Really! We want to include everyone!
Person’s Shadow: Only if you fit our idea of what a proper pagan is…

(Standing in front) I, Crow, banish the assumption that just because we’re pagans, that we don’t have issues of gender, class, race, and other discrimination in our ranks!

I challenge each of you: pagan, heathen, ceremonial magician, witch, lord, lady, fae, druid, young, old, queer, straight, cis-gendered, transgendered, male, female to look within yourselves, your groups, and this community and see that yes, you do this. Yes, you do harm, even if you don’t realize it.

I, Crow, charge each and every one of you to challenge the old ideas of gender and magick.

Let’s make this a safe place for all of us. Let us have it written and abided by! Let us here, in front of the gods and spirits, will it to be so!

Let’s walk our talk!

(Rap 3 times with staff)