Circle of Cerridwen

About Us

The Circle of Cerridwen is a weird, wild, witchy family:

  • We’re a grand covening of diverse solitaries united with a sense of humor about ourselves plus a seriousness about what we do.
  • We embody a strong belief in acceptance, affirmation, accommodation, and accountability.
  • In particular, we make space for practitioners who are queer, neurodivergent and disabled.
  • Our group is non-hierarchical, encouraging each member to share their knowledge.
  • We’re a face-to-face community of trust, love, and support that’s aware that everyone is hurting somehow and capable of hurting others.
  • We practice openness and can be vulnerable and honest with each other and lean on each other for support.
  • We have no secrecy requirements but we respect our members’ privacy.
  • We often take up social justice causes while maintaining a critical eye towards its misuse/abuse.
  • We celebrate good ole syncretism.

Coven/Group Membership

As of March 11, 2021, the Circle of Cerridwen is not longer active. This page and the existing lore are archived here for reference.