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Today, I Name Names about the First Coven I was in. #timesup #metoo

Content Warning: Emotional and physical abuse, gaslighting, financial abuse, mention of kink abuse I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts in the wake of Moira Greyland publishing her book about her life and the accusations she made against Isaac Bonewits. You’ve got the usual spread of folks who don’t believe it, folks who do, […]

Dancing in the Dark

I was reading an anthology about people’s experiences with Ereshkigal the other day, and I realized that I must be kind of weird when it comes to the “dark” Goddesses. Ereshkigal is new as a patron, but I’ve worked with Her before. I’ve also worked with Hecate, the Morrigan, Cerridwen, Lilith, Kali, and several other […]

TWIH Episode 80: Learning from Where You’re At with Pat Mosley #hb2

In this episode we talk with Pat Mosley, a Gardnerian witch in North Carolina. We talk about how Wicca takes on the culture of where it’s at, and how it’s not that much of a stretch for people to be multi-faith practitioners. Pat discusses his coven, Granny Magick, and his involvement in CUUPs. We also […]

TWIH Episode 78: The Magick of Pagan Music with Sharon Knight

After a brief TWIH hiatus, we return with our guest Sharon Knight, a pagan musician who does both solo work and plays as a group with her partner Winter in Pandemonaeon. We talk about the art of performing, the magickal experience of being on stage, the future and past of pagan music, and how music influences […]

Last Week of Lent: Social Justice Work Comes At A Cost (Paganism, Christianity, and Me)

I want to be able to say something profound here about my working, but I just can’t. At least, not in any way that’ll make sense to people other than myself. Most of what I’ve learned this week is that I shouldn’t read any social media until after I’ve done my morning prayers, had breakfast, […]

WIP snippet “What is most feared: Church burn and the Neo-Pagan”

This is an excerpt from the book I’m writing on radical inclusion for the pagan community. Given some of the posts I’ve seen floating around recently, I thought I’d post this here. (I’m hoping that I’ll finish this book in time for Pcon next year.) Also note, that this is from very much a first […]

A Year and a Day

Today is Sunday, 14 February 2016. It has been a year and a day since I was ordained a high priest and teacher of the Open Source Alexandrian Tradition of Wicca. These past three hundred sixty-six days have been a time of learning for me. I know: I’m a teacher of the tradition now. But, what is teacher who has nothing to learn?

My personal theology continues to evolve. For instance, I was never one to command my gods and spirits. Rather, I’d invite them, giving them the option to be present or not as they saw fit. Then my wife became critically ill on Samhain and I commanded Great President Buer, the Morrighan, YHVH/Jesus/the Holy Spirit, Antinoüs, and the Adversary to be present and do Anne’s will. As my understanding of my own take on theology evolved, I borrowed The Satanic Bible from the seminary library and read it. While I don’t know if it’s accurate to say I’m a Satanist, it is accurate to say I’m an adversarial theologian.

What do I have to teach that’s in any way new? How important is bringing new material to the tradition? Well, “adding to the body of work” is something I can do as a third-degree priest and I do feel as if I might have something to offer. But, that’s to my tradition in particular. When at an event such as PantheaCon, I don’t really know what I have to offer to such a diverse group. Add to the fact that there is still a huge backlash against trans and gender expansive persons at PantheaCon (and, no, it’s not just the Wiccans) and I have the tendency to listen more than I speak.

Perhaps it’s not quite my time yet. I rose from first-degree to second to third in the space of a year and day. In some traditions, one usually spends that amount of time at each first and second after spending a year and a day as a seeker. So, that would be three years and three days before one could become a third-degree. But, my coven elders thought I was ready for my elevations. I hope to show them that they were right and that I do deserve this. I mustn’t fear making mistakes.

Today is also the one-year anniversary of my marriage to Anne, my life partner and Ally+. As mentioned above, about eight-and-a-half months into our marriage, her kidneys shut down, her heart stopped, and she had a stroke. Her recovery has been nothing short of amazing. Just before the emergency room staff started CPR, I was asked about an advanced directive and what Anne’s end-of-life wishes were. That she’s here to celebrate our anniversary with me is a wonderful thing. And our life together thus far has informed my priesting. Yes, I’d been married before. But, simply being previously married to one person doesn’t mean one will be prepared to be married to another. Being involved with me has exposed Anne to cissexism (transphobia), though many of my trans peers will assert this is not possible. Yes, it is. When we are observed and harassed in public, the contempt is aimed at both of us. That isn’t easy for either of us.

But, we’re both witches. A few days ago, Anne got her second degree initiation, elevating her from duly consecrated priest and witch to high priest and magus. Our connections to each other and the wider world will keep us going.

Amen, and Blessed Be.