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TWIH Special: Podcasting As Ministry #ThanksPodcasting @libsyn

The awesome folks over at Libsyn.com, who host the audio for This Week In Heresy, are trying to start a movement to help people know more about the power of podcasting. It’s also to help promote the larger podcasting world because: “Podcasts that are covered in mainstream media, as well as those that are highlighted and featured […]

TWIH Episode 58: Baptist, but not That Kind of Baptist with Paul Schneider

In this episode we talk to Paul Schneider, one of my good friends and Baptist seminarian about his journey, and his church’s journey into affirming LGBTQA people and radical inclusion. We also talk about the realities about the way that traditions can be used to harm people, regardless of faith path and how clergy need […]

#30daysofsocialjustice 26: Racism


Part of me wants to ask, “Is it really necessary to blog about racism
when it’s so obvious that we most certainly do NOT live in a
post-racial society?” But then, I look back over the other social
justice issues in this blog series and I know the answer to my question:
It is because that we do not live in a post-racial society that it is necessary to blog about racism.

And yet, I’ve been warned about the way in which I use my voice in
this cause. Being white, I am called upon to resist and speak out
against racism without making my voice louder than the voices of those
persons of color and interracial persons who actually experience racism.
As I am not a person who faces systemic and systematic marginalization and oppression
because of my race, it is almost better that I don’t actually write
about this. In fact, I will refer you, O Reader, to a blog post of my
friend and mentor, Rev. Gina Pond, in which she lists many of the podcast interviews she had done with persons of color who have directly experienced racism.

TWIH Episode 56: Embracing the Seeker with Davie Floyd #tfam

In this episode, that was recorded at The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries Convocation in July, I talk with Davie Floyd about her multi-faith practice that includes Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Sufism (amongst other work). How do we become a personal sanctuary of inclusion for people to help them discover their own paths? How do we […]

TWIH Episode 55: Multi-Faith Education and Dialog with Denise Cush

In this episode we talk about interfaith dialog and religious education with Denise Cush. How do people learn about interfaith and mutli-faith practices? What are the differences between the way religion is viewed and taught in the United States and the United Kingdom? What is the importance of face to face dialog and experience in […]

TWIH Episode 52: The Teacher, the Student, and the Seeker with Schmian Evans #tfam #blacklivesmatter

This week we talk with Schmian Evans about education, marginalization, and what we can do about it. What is considered normal? How do we educate and empower people, especially children, when they have be constantly told by the system they are stupid, can’t learn, or not worth people’s time? How do we navigate the grey […]