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This weekend at #PantheaCon: Cartomancers Show and Tell, Crossroads of Memory, Spirit Babies, and the Kuan Yin Oracle

These are the presentations I’ll be involved with at Pantheacon this coming weekend. On Saturday February 13th at 7pm in the Circle of Cerridwen Suite Room 966: Cartomancers Show and Tell, hosted by Calyxa Omphalos and myself. Calyxa is the author of the Elemental Hexagons Divination Cards and WOGD Flashing Flash card decks. She also…

Spirit Babies 2015

On Saturday, 19 December, I had the privilege of once again being an assistant priest for the Our Spirit Babies ritual. Part of this ritual includes a guided meditation.

In the meditation, we find ourselves on a beach. This part can be difficult for me, as there was once a beach in my life that was very special to me. I couldn’t return to that beach, though. But unbidden, I suddenly found myself at a beach that I dreamed of years ago, with what appeared to be a hotel or an apartment building fashioned into the huge cliff face at that beach, above which was a winding road. I sat on the beach, and the meditation guide told us of a spirit that approached us from the opposite end of the beach. As the spirit drew closer, I saw it was the Adversary.

He sat with me as we watched the waves, offering only a friendly presence. It was if he was there to acknowledge that I’d had adversity in my life. Yes, I’ve parented two children to adulthood. But being trans meant that I’d never bear and nurse my own children. He came to acknowledge that.

Soon, we were at the part of the meditation when we would be visited by the Spirit Baby that we had lost (or, as was my case, never bore). The guide spoke of two beings who approached from the waves: an adult and a child. The child was the daughter I saw during this ritual two years earlier. The adult was me before my gender transition: David. The Adversary left us to give us time together, and what an odd family we were: Constance, the person I am now, David, the person I was, and Karen, the daughter I should have been and with the name my mother said was supposed to have been mine had I been designated female at birth.

We had our time together, and then the guide said that it was time for Our Spirit Babies to depart. I watched David and Karen walk into the sea, and then I felt the embrace of a spirit. It was not the Adversary. No. He had already left. I knew who this was when I saw wings. A peacock’s wings. I was being embraced by Melek Ta’us, the Peacock Angel. It was not lost on me that there are those who would say that the Peacock Angel and the Adversary are one and the same.

It was a good ritual for me. I met various aspects of myself during the guided meditation, and I had the privilege to bless two of the people there, one of whom was none other than the priest who’d ordained me earlier this year, Rev. Gina Pond.

To be a part of this ritual truly is a gift.

Pro-voice: talking and listening beyond divisions

At the heart of Aspen Baker’s Pro-Voice book is the idea of nonjudgmental listening to people telling stories about their abortion experiences. It’s a simple concept, really, but a radical one in our society where people are polarized on the abortion issue. Pro-voice is also an idea that has can reach far beyond abortion, into…