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Self-care and activism

It may not solve everything but right now, but this meditation I learned from my yoga teacher helps me. I have been unable to go to the vigils for the hate crime that happened in Orlando at Pulse club. I can’t look at photos of the Stanford rapist anymore because they trigger me.  Remember to take…

The Heretic Writes: Forgive me… #lent

Forgive me for today I can’t repost another thing about racism, queer rights, fat activism, or politics. Today, I can’t stand to read another thing about the cruelty that humans do to each other. This week I can’t really stay angry about injustice. I just don’t have the energy. Forgive me because right now the […]

The Heretic Writes: Asking and Community

The interesting thing that I keep learning over and over again about being a pastor and a leader is that having faith in one’s community can pay off in unexpected ways. I’ve had a ton of good role models in seminary for this, and it’s amazing to watch people light up and step up when […]