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Eye Dream

Okay, that was weird. The image just returned to me from today’s dream, of looking in a brassy mirror to find a bloody streak running down my forehead, dripping as a tear from the corner of a third eye, open and watery in the middle of my forehead, to stop at my left eyebrow. “Why…

TWIH Episode 43: Atheopaganism with Mark Green

This week we talk to Mark Green, an Atheopagan (or Atheist Pagan). Do you need to believe in deity, spirits, or God in order to have a fulfilling spiritual practice? What is the difference between dogma, belief, and practice (or craft)? And sure, we throw in a little politics in for good measure.    Mark […]

The Heretic Writes: Forgive me… #lent

Forgive me for today I can’t repost another thing about racism, queer rights, fat activism, or politics. Today, I can’t stand to read another thing about the cruelty that humans do to each other. This week I can’t really stay angry about injustice. I just don’t have the energy. Forgive me because right now the […]