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Advent 2015: Towards the Within

It’s Christmas Eve. For those with the five-candle Advent wreaths, the white Christ candle at the center is about to be lit.

As I was writing my Advent blog posts, I noticed that there was a
theme running through all of them. Though I wrote about each of the
Gifts of Advent — Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love — I was also writing about how I encountered these gifts. My posts were focused inward, hence the subtitle of this entry: “Towards the Within” (with gratitude to Dead Can Dance).

Some might argue that this was a rather selfish series of Advent
posts, and I would not deny that charge. But as Advent was starting this
year, my wife was recovering from a critical illness. We were and still
are without the necessary employment to meet our regular living
expenses. It was through some micro-loans and the generosity of everyone
who contributed to our GoFundMe campaign that we’ve been able to keep
our apartment, keep its utilities turned on, and stay fed. With these
facts weighing on me, I stepped back from my various ministries in order
to ensure my family’s survival.

One of my favorite Bible selections is Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 (A Time for Everything), a selection I first became aware of via the song “Turn! Turn! Turn!” by The Byrds.
This season, my spirit was turned inward. This was right and proper. At
seminary, they will often tell us that we need to be making regular
time for self-care. Self-care might seem to be a luxury, but it is a
luxury that I would argue is vital for peace of mind.

The Gifts of Advent are not just that which can be brought into the
world, but also are things we can receive. And I have received these
Gifts gratefully and humbly.

Thank you, my friends. I am what I am thanks to your support.

Be well, and be blessed.

Amen, and Blessed Be.

Advent 2015: Love

This one is a little late. Sorry.

The theme of the Fourth Sunday in Advent is Love.

Looking back over this year, I can see where I Loved and was Loved in various and extraordinary ways.

In January, I got down on one knee in a dog park and presented an
engagement “ring” of beads on elastic string to Anne, asking her to
marry me. In February, on Valentine’s Day, my mentor, priest, and much
beloved friend, Rev. Gina Pond, married us. Our coven, The Circle of Cerridwen, pretty much took care of our wedding ceremony with beloved friends and priests Denise Cicuto providing the cake, Chuck Fry taking the pictures, and Sarah Thompson providing the music. This would be the same coven that, later that evening, would ordain me a priest and initiate Anne.

The Circle of Cerridwen, and many other friends whom I know online
and “IRL,” have been there for Anne and me through her critical illness
in November, literally making sure we’ve kept our home and have had food
money. Help has been coming to us from so many unlikely and unexpected
sources and to completely unexpected degrees, it’s hard not to feel

It’s humbling, and it leads me to ask myself: “How have I been loving as I look back over this year?”

Well, there’s Anne, my kids, friends, family, and coven. Have I been
perfect? No. Have I tried to the best of my ability? Probably not. Is
there more I can be doing to be a force of Love in a world that seems
overrun with hate? I think so.

The Gospel of Jesus advises us to Love our enemies. Have I done this?
I’m not sure, but I know I’ve learned from the hateful things my
enemies have said and done. And so, I should Love them for the
unintentional lessons they taught me.

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