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“So, now that I’ve made all these tools, what do you want of me?” I asked. “Well, you use them, of course!” She said. “But I’m not sure how, and for what purpose!” She sighed. “I suppose it’s only fair to tell you since we had you write the journey in the first place. Ok, […]

Advent 2016: Apocalyptic Love

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Today is the fourth Sunday in Advent.
The theme is Love and I was at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church
for worship again

The English word “Love” is so
simple yet complicated. When I tell my friends I Love them, it means
something different than when I tell my kids I Love them or when I’ve
told partners I Love them. Love is a word I’ve used to describe
books and movies and music and food, as well as my relationships with

And earlier this week, I read a book
called Weird People by Jarrard Martin. It was a book about
Love and being bisexual. And with any book about Love and
relationships, reading it was thought-provoking. How have I been
experiencing Love in my life? How have I Loved? How have I been
Loved? How can I Love more?

I’ve encountered people who say they
Love me, and yet vote for legislation and for politicians that end up
threatening or limiting my civil rights. And, they are aware of what
they’re doing when they cast these votes. Can they truly say the
Love me when they take these actions? What is the Loving response I
should offer when legality of my life is challenged and threatened by
these votes?

Love is not the absence of challenge,
strife and adversity. In fact, it could be argued that those things
are necessary for one to truly Love those around them.

And that seems to be Apocalyptic Love:
Loving someone enough to be able to tell them they are causing you

Be blessed.

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