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TWIH to Come Back January 6!

Hello Friends, I know it’s been a long hiatus. In all honesty, I wasn’t completely sure I’d come back to podcasting. In short, I had burned out a bit. I had lost a lot of my focus with the podcast and got to a point where I wasn’t putting my all into interviews. It felt, […]

Reblogging: Bona Dea 2015

In memory of Jennifer Laude Sancta, the Filipina trans woman murdered by an American military serviceman who received a very light sentence. Bona Dea 2015 Hail Jennifer Laude Sancta! Hail Panpsyche, the MTF of the Tetrad++! Hail Antinoüs, Lord of the Beloved Dead!

The Liminal Space Within the TDoR

It’s a little before 9:00 PM, Pacific Time, and I’m listening to music at my computer using YouTube. I’d thought of doing some more work on the third draft of my second novel, when the enormity of the Transgender Day of Remembrance suddenly hit me. I feel so fucking powerless in this world where the […]