Rage: A Meditation

Murder, specifically of another trans woman of color.

The SCOTUS ruling that the religious freedoms of some citizens are more important than the freedoms of other citizens, specifically in the employer-employee power dynamic. “Friends” agreeing with the SCOTUS. News that other employers are starting to demand that they be exempt from hiring marginalized gender, romantic, and sexually identified (MGRSI) persons, persons like me.

It all seems so hopeless, which leads to sorrow. And then to rage.

I wolf my lunch, and the rage continues to burn. I get my earbuds and turn to music. Loud, angry, rage-filled music.

  • Stabbing Westward: Shame
  • System of a Down: Aerials; Chop Suey!
  • Tool: Sober; The Pot; Vicarious
  • Testament: The Ballad
  • Rage Against The Machine: Bulls On Parade

It helps in an odd way. The raw emotion and musical noise soothes me in an odd way.

There are times when anger is an appropriate prayer. Rev. Lee Whittaker taught me that, even as he taught me to “hold space until the oppression ends.”

Lord, Lady; Antinous, Morrighan; Perkunas, Pele; Jesus: I offer my rage.

Amen, and So Mote It Be.