Oracle Deck Co-Creation 2019

Were you at Oracle Deck Co-Creation at PantheaCon in 2019? You’ll want to watch this space for updates!

EQUINOX UPDATE! 20 Mar ’19! I have sent out email with links to buy the deck. If you have not received my email, please contact me with my first name at chucko dot com – I know at least two of the addresses I had bounced 🙁

[5 Mar ’19 UPDATE BELOW!] [24 Feb ’19 UPDATE BELOW!]

When I modeled the behavior of filling out the license agreement form, I chose license number 17, since that’s a number I’ve been working with for a couple years now. After I got home and went through the lists of who signed up with which numbers, you’ll all be amused to know that 17 license numbers were claimed.

I’ve had a bit of trouble reading everyone’s handwriting. This is the list of claimed license numbers and the chosen attribution names. Please contact me if I’ve spelled your name wrong here, or if you didn’t mean to leave the attribution name blank, thanks!

01 – Flowerchild
05 – Kara
07 – Joey
09 – Rowan
11 – Nisaa
12 – anon a
13 – Stone Hentges
17 – Calyxa Omphalos
18 – Michelle Parker
21 – Rowan Fairgrove
23 – XR
24 – David Bedno
33 – anon c
34 – Merlyn Ahern
35 – Skuli
38 – Taran
44 – Ashtore

My plan is to edit this post several times with updates, and the list above will eventually get color-coded to indicate whose email addresses I’m sure I have and whose I’m sure I don’t have.

As of the evening of the 20th, I have all of the raw files exported to .png and I am working on the post-processing. Things are looking great!

When I get all the post-processing done, I’ll put up the back designs for a vote.

UPDATE! 24 February 2019 – SUNDAY! UPDATE!

Here are three back designs:

Rainbow CoC Back – This is what I used when I ordered a prototype!
Extra-Card Back – I like having a symmetrical back design, and didn’t want the back to be too brilliantly white, so this is what I came up with based on the “extra” card.
Protect TransFolx Back – This is based on the “Protect TransFolx” sigil we had as a ribbon. This may be slightly dodgy, because the sigil creator did not want the sigil to be commercialized.

The way TheGameCrafter works is that you pay for a full sheet of cards even if you use only a partial sheet. Poker sized cards come 18 to a sheet. We have 78 cards in our deck. That uses 4 full sheets (72 cards), and a partial 5th sheet. That’s why our deck includes 12 BLANK cards!

That also means our deck fits into a 90-card tuck box. Right now, the box has text on it listing the license numbers and attribution names.

TheGameCrafter estimates my prototype will be finished by the 6th of March. It prices out at $14.99.

I promise another update no later than that date! Stay tuned!


I got the prototype in the mail yesterday and it looks amazing!

Oracle Deck CoCreation Prototype, with the four cards I drew side-by-side with their printed counterparts.

I’ve sent email and gotten a couple bounces, and one reply back so far to correct a name. I also saw the attribution update in the comments on this post, so thanks much for that! (BTW, XR, your email was one of the ones that bounced…)

In the list above, if your license number and attribution name is italicized, it’s because I know I have your email. If it’s bold, I got a bounce back. I’ll be updating that part as I hear back from folks. Ideally I’ll hear back from everyone either through a comment on this post, or through email. Please confirm your info if it is correct, or update me if I’ve made an error in my transcription!