News: Libsyn Official Podcast and livestreaming on Meerkat!

Hey Friends!

A couple of wicked awesome announcements:

My promo is one of the promos featured in the official Libsyn podcast, “The Feed,” this week! For those don’t know, Libsyn is where I host the audio files for my podcast. I’ll also have a post on their official blog in May that has some more background about the podcast and how I do my show. It’s pretty exciting to hear my promo there!! 🙂

The other awesome announcement is that I will be broadcasting my editing sessions live via Meerkat. I usually edit late Thursday nights or during the day on Fridays. This is a great way to learn about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into TWIH. The announcements of the live stream will be through the @twihpodcast Twitter account.

Thanks for listening, and see you online!

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