First degree and The Fool

Tonight I’ll be redoing my first degree in the Circle of Cerridwen. I’ve been through the first, second, and third degrees already over the past five years. Why am I doing my first degree again? We have a new first-degree ritual, written by one of our coven siblings with input from the other members.

The new ritual (not up on this site yet since it’s still a work in progress) is based on the old ritual but with additions and changes to make it more accessible and more inclusive. It’s also a ritual that incorporates the history of Circle of Cerridwen by our founders Gina and Sarah and the work that we’ve done collectively as a coven since its beginning.

Gina and Sarah moved to Chicago last year and Switzerland this year and left the coven to us. These are big shoes to fill but we’re growing into them, finding our own way. We’re still here and we’ll still have a presence at Pantheacon in February.

The Fool came to me last night during a full moon drum journey. It was an unusual journey for me. In a dream-like state, I threw off my Marauder’s Map scarf and got up, only a few minutes after the drum started. I got up because I heard a dog whining. I went downstairs to find a small dog black dog leashed up at the bottom of the staircase (the dog’s human came into the journey late).

I sat with the dog and pet her, looked for her name tag and only found the word “Voyager” on her harness. (It turns out it wasn’t her name but I didn’t find that out until after the drum stopped.)

I stayed with the dog through the whole drum journey and thought of The Fool card in the tarot. The Fool is starting a journey with a dog tagging behind them. The Fool is taking a leap of faith, trusting the journey ahead, and, in the World Spirit Tarot image, also trusting that they won’t fall off the roof.

Redoing my first degree is a recommitment to my path with the Circle of Cerridwen. I thought about using the same cords from my previous initiations but decided no, I needed new ones for this new journey. I am recommitting myself to my coven siblings as well. I am one of the few cis-gendered members and I’ve always felt it was my responsibility to be an ally for my trans and gender non-binary coven siblings. I’m renewing that vow and will strive to be the best ally I can be for my community, my chosen family.

I have to thank my Patronus, my beloved departed dog Sofi, who guided me to the little dog last night. I now have Sofi’s image as a tattoo on my leg and she is there once again to walk with me as I take this new journey.

Here we go.