This Week In Heresy

Sometimes Spirit has other ideas…

Well, I do have a couple of interview lined up for January, however, I’m not sure how regular interviews are going to be in the next couple of months… See, my wife and I will be moving to Chicago in the next couple of months (my wife is being transferred for work). We’re both excited […]

TWIH to Come Back January 6!

Hello Friends, I know it’s been a long hiatus. In all honesty, I wasn’t completely sure I’d come back to podcasting. In short, I had burned out a bit. I had lost a lot of my focus with the podcast and got to a point where I wasn’t putting my all into interviews. It felt, […]

Make sure you VOTE on Nov. 8!

Friends, We’re in the last few days of this election. At this point, most folks will know who I’ve voted for and who I support. But that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you make a plan and make sure you vote on or by November 8. If you haven’t turned in your vote-by-mail […]

Taking a longer sabbatical…

Hello Friends, I know many of you are looking forward to This Week in Heresy returning, but I’ve decided to continue my sabbatical until at least after Samhain. I’m still working on some other projects (such as a book and some film(!) projects) along with it being the Ancestor/Beloved Dead season. This is always a […]

Summer Hiatus

As mentioned earlier on the blog, I will be taking July and August off from podcasting. I won’t be going away forever, but this does mean that there will be no new episodes of TWIH until September. Thanks for listening, and if you have any interview ideas, feel free to contact me. Click here to […]

TWIH Episode 81: Planting the Church Unusual with Darnell Fennell #radicalinclusion #blacklivesmatter

This episode we welcome Darnell Fennell, the founding pastor of Just Love, a radically inclusive church plant in Houstan, TX. We discuss what it’s like to create an inclusive church in an area that is seen as more conservative to the wider progressive community. What does it mean to be “church” and what are the […]

Words are Bullets

Every TERF that tells my wife and other transgender women that they aren’t real women or tell transgender men that they are traitors to their gender; Every Christian Fundamentalist that rejoices when LGBTQA people are abused or killed, or any Christian who “loves the sinner, hates the sin;” Every white cisgender man who makes rape […]